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LeanAgileScrum Institute is a Canadian federally incorporated training institute sanctioned By Ontario, Canada Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities.

Our Mission: To train people with agile skillsets and agile mindset all over the world so that they can improve their lives and achieve their career dreams.

Why is LeanAgileScrum Institute’s Agile Training Program Unique?

LeanAgileScrum Institute’s agile program courses are developed by agile practitioners using agile theory (agile+frameworks), science (mindset assessment) and 100+ agile/waterfall/hybrid projects and product implementation experiences.

To create an agile work environment, you must have values, developed and rewarded on terms that connect with your unique mindset behavioural style.

Understanding of your mindset behaviours, and how to adapt yourself to a new workspace, is critical to developing a vibrant agile mindset.

LeanAgileScrum Institute’s mindset behaviour assessment is a scientifically proven assessment in behaviour, communication and motivators as it applies to agile values, employee fulfillment, and customer satisfaction.

Our agile training engages you to learn how to communicate using your mindset behaviour as a way of understanding yourself, others, and enabling you to identify agile mindset behavioural traits in others.

We Offer Online and Instructor-Led Online Agile Training Programs.

1. Flexible & Cost Effective Agile Training

LeanAgileScrum Institute’s agile courses and agile mindset training programs are completed at your own desired pace. Our video courses and agile assessments are there for you at your convenience.

2. Mindset Assessment & Training

LeanAgileScrum Institute’s agile behaviour/mindset assessments pinpoint your natural and adapted agile behaviours, motivators, competencies, and recommend personalized agile mindset training for you.

3. Personal Instructor Assistance

LeanAgileScrum Institute provides personal instructor assistance to ensure you will understand the fundamentals of agile, course content, mindset assessments and are fully competent with agile methodology/frameworks.

We Have Been Training and Consulting Global Enterprises For More Than Fifteen Years.

Why Us

Our objective is simple, to provide you with all the training resources you need to advance your careers, improve your businesses and achieve success in your career. LeanAgileScrum Institute also believes that we must go beyond simply providing training for you.

We believe we must earn the right to continue working with you, helping you achieve your objectives both now and in the future. That is why, in addition to our course offerings we provide support through a multitude of tools and resources, including webinars, online support, one on one coaching, and workshops.

Here at LeanAgileScrum Institute not only will you gain all the knowledge and skills you will need to succeed, but you will also receive whatever help you need to ensure the successful application of what you learn.

Our lead agile practitioner and training program author J Ben Benjamin, Sylvester Kuteyi and the team have done consulting and training work with enterprises such as Central Bank of Tanzania, US Defence Department (Pentagon), HCL Technology (many enterprise clients), CIBC Bank, World Vision Canada, RBC Bank, Sunlife Financial, Manulife, Hyundai Canada, Deloitte Canada, Canadian Tire Financial, WSIB, Nissan Canada, Tucows, Texaco, Federal Government of Canada, Chubb, Sanofi, Wipro, Loblaws, GE, Oracle, Accenture, Citibank, Buchana and more. Ben is trained/certified in Agile, BPM, CRM, Lean, Scrum, SAFe, CM, APM, ITIL, LSSGB, ABA, MSP, Microsoft D365 Applications, MCT, Behaviours/Mindset, Job Benchmarking, 12 Motivators and Emotional Intelligence.

LeanAgileScrum Institute is part of IBPM Institute and AARM that have trained/certified thousands of professionals around the world in BPM, CRM, Lean-Agile, BA, PM, CMMI, Lean Six Sigma, and many Soft Skills programs. You will find some of our certified professionals working in the following organizations.