Agile Approach


Our Approach.



Our training programs include ongoing “Continuous Learning Program” and “Personal Development Plan” to track your progress.



Professional Diploma Designation

LeanAgileScrum Institute is the FIRST Agile Training organization in the world to offer Professional Agile Diploma programs.

Professional Diploma (.PD): Designation enhances or serves as an alternative to many agile certifications available in the marketplace as practical agile learning pathway for those who do not have the time commitment to earn their professional designation.

Individual who is holding PD designation is qualified to know and practice the subject matter of Lean Agile Scrum+ and related jobs specific skills.

Continuous Agile Learning Program

What is Continuous Learning?
Continuous learning is about the constant expansion of skills through learning to increase practical agile knowledge. Training and professional designation alone cannot prepare you to do the job. There is a level of qualification that must be achieved.

This is where our Continuous Learning Program begins. Our Continuous Learning Program focuses on the results of training through practical application.

How does Continuous Learning work?
You will automatically be enrolled for the continuous learning program once you complete your professional diploma (PD) designation.