Agile Continuous Learning

Do you ever wonder what really matters in training? Certification or Qualification?
Having both certification and qualification helps you go from GOOD to GREAT.

Certification is a process that typically follows training. For example; A Scrum Master needs to be trained and when properly trained, the Scrum Master should be able to pass the test and get certified as they have had training in Scrum.

But training alone doesn’t qualify a person to work as Scrum Master. There’s a level of qualification that must be achieved. This is where our process of continuous learning (3 to 6 months) begins.

Weekly Continuous Learning – Real-World Agile Problems with Agile Practitioners

LeanAgileScrum Institute certification programs focused on training and certification, focusing on the resultsof training through continuous learning, and practical application.

Our programs allows you to get your professional certification within a matter of days by completing 16 to 25 hours of training and testing. We then employ continuous learning (3 to 6 months) to focus on practical application.

Our programs are designed to help you elevate your earning potential and launch your agile career. Our innovative program is centered around real-time collaboration, creating a powerful continuous learning environment.