Payment FAQ’s

Can I get a receipt to claim company reimbursement?

Your payment invoice confirmation serves as a receipt. We can resend the receipt to you if required or provide you a receipt as per your requirements.

Do I have to pay extra for certification exam?

No.     Your certification exam fee is included in your program cost.

Do you have any discounts?

If you take more than one program, We provide a 20% discount. We will provide a group discount of up to 40% if more than 3 people from the same organization enrolled for one of our program.

I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I still complete the enrollment process of my certification program without creating a Paypal account?

Yes, you can. After you’re redirected to Paypal web site, please click “Continue” link next to the “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)”. On this page you can make your payment using your credit card without creating a Paypal account.

My company needs to pay for my training via PO & invoice. How do my company pay via PO?

Please send us a program name and PO We will send you the PO and payment will be due prior to you access the courses.

What are my payment options?

You have an option to pay the full amount or in three installments. We accept all major credit cards. We also accept payment by money order or wire transfer and can send you an invoice if required.

DIRECT BANK PAYMENT FROM ANY COUNTRY:To Make direct bank payment contact us at: info at leanagilescrum.institute.

PAYPAL AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENT:You can make installments or full payment via Paypal and/or full payment via Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) during online course enrollment.Installment Payments: Monthly installments payment option is available. You will be provided with full or monthly payment option at checkout.

Training and Certification FAQ’s

After completing the courses do I have to give my exam immediately? What happens if I fail?

Yes, it is recommended that you take the exam after you complete the courses however you have 4 months from the enrollment date to take the exam. In case if you fail the exam first time, We will allow you to take the exam again free of charge for maximum 2 try.

Are your certifications recognized globally?

Yes. Certifications we issue are globally recognized. We are a legal entity based out of Ontario Canada and have authorization from Ontario Ministry of University and Colleges and comply with their compliance requirements.

Can I access my online courses anywhere any time on any device?

You can access your course from anywhere, anytime on any device (Laptop, Smartphone Pads) as long as you have a internet connection. However, if you plan to switch devices, please log out of your current device and log into your next device.

Can I claim PDUs?

We provide 18 PMI PDUs for Professional and 30 for Professional Diploma programs.

To claim your PDUs following the successful completion of our programs, log into your PMI account at www.pmi.org. Select the Report PDUs Menu Option on your myPMI Home Page and follow the instructions to submit your PDU claim under the Course or Training Activity. For further questions about the PDU process contact PMI directly at www.pmi.org.

Can I get an electronic copy of the course content?

No, you’ll receive an electronic workbook with required learning content.

Can I pause my training and resume the course from where I left off?

Our training is bookmarked automatically as you complete your courses regardless of the devices (Laptop, Smartphone, Pads) you use to take the courses.

Can I receive my certification in paper format?

To keep program cost economical, We provide your certification documents in electronic pdf-format. However, the pdf-files are generated with high-resolution and you can easily print them onto a standard or high-quality paper. Please reach out to us and we can provide to you a paper format for additional cost.

Can I share the online training courses with others?

NO. The program that you have enrolled is licensed to you only and cannot be shared with others, as per the terms and conditions accepted at the time of registration.

How does the certification process work?
  1. Enroll the programs and complete the courses as per requirements.
  2. Take the multiple test and pass with minimum 75%.
  3. After you pass the exam, our certification department will process the required compliance related paper work and will email you the formal certification.
  4. There is no annual membership or membership fee is required. Your certification is valid for life however we encourage you to participate in our continues learning program.
I didn’t receive my certification after passing the test, what do I do?

Make sure to check your spam box. If after 24-72 hours you still haven’t received the certification email, please contact us via “Contact Us” link.

If I have a question in the course content or need clarification, who can I ask?

Reach out to course facilitator for course related questions. Reach out to …for technical problems.

My company is interested in hosting a private training for our employees, how does that work?

We offer private training for groups of at least 7 people, please contact us for more information. Please note that private class host is responsible for sourcing an appropriate training room & catering.

What is the difference between the certifications provided by LeanAgileScrum.Institute and other organizations?

We have been delivering professional certification programs for almost 15 years and our programs are developed, designed, and delivered by Agile Practitioners. Our online certification programs provide you the “Training, Certification and Qualification” through continues learning where else all other certification organizations provide you only certification. These certification organizations are not intimately involved with course design, development, and delivery of their certification courses

What is the refund Policy?

Full refunds are available if you are not satisfied.
We greatly value the trust of our learners. Our state of the art courses were designed to deliver an effective learning experience.  For some valid reason if you are not satisfied, raise refund request within 7 days of purchase of course , and We will refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked.

Money back guarantee is void if the participant has accessed more than 2 or 3 unit/modules in a course or fail to raise refund request within 7 days of purchase of course. No refunds or credits will be available for failing to comply.

What’s included in online training?

The online training includes access to training facilitator for the duration of program, access to learning portal for 4 -6 months, course workbook, and continues learning via weekly eWorkshops/eSeminars and peer to peer collaboration.