Why International LeanAgileScrum Institute?

LeanAgileScrum Institute is an Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities Canadian based International Education Institute dedicated to the essential Professional Training and Diploma Certification. We serve as an alternative education pathway. For more than a decade we have been an influential leader in the training and certification arena.

Lean Agile Scrum is a set of management principles, frameworks, methodologies, patterns and techniques that provide process-based support for innovative, adaptive, and collaborative work.

Lean Agile Scrum enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach.



Agile Training Just Got Smarter

Behaviour/Mindset Assessments, Training, Professional Diploma & Continuous Learning

Personalized Assessments

LeanAgileScrum Institute is the FIRST Agile Training organization in the world to integrate the People Behaviour/Mindset, Competencies, Motivators and Emotional Intelligence assessments into agile training programs.

Agile Training

All our agile training programs are developed based on our “Agile Training Competency Model” to cater to end-to-end enterprise needs.

LeanAgileScrum Institute worked with multi-national enterprises to benchmark agile roles and identified agile specific role competencies, behaviours, motivators and emotional intelligence required for agile roles. We also developed supplementary courses to align agile training and with behavioural assessments.

Our training programs include “Professional Diploma Designation”, ongoing “Continuous Learning Program” and “Personal Development Plan” to track your progress.

For more than a decade we have been an influential leader in the training and development business. Our extensive experience represents a diversified and innovative collection of business leaders, consultants, designers and advisors who have combined their collective insight to provide an extensive, comprehensive, and more importantly effective learning network that has been consistently contributing to the success and growth of our clients globally for many years. Our experience is extensive delivering workshops, conferences, lectures and one-on-one coaching internationally.

You will find that the LeanAgileScrum Institute can provide you with the education, solutions and results you desire, on any level.

All of our courses are designed and developed by active agile practitioners at top tech companies. Our programs are hands-on, designed to be compatible with your work schedule and geared towards helping you transition successfully into an agile role.

We have trained and certified thousands of professional around the world in BPM, CRM, Lean Agile, BA, PM, Six Sigma, soft Skills, etc..and you will find our certified professional work in the following organizations:

To further enhance learning experience of employees and to enhance the business enterprises with business transformation program strategy, framework and processes, we have structured our Lean Agile Scrum courses and Professional Diploma Certification programs into an unique online and mobile e-learning blended learning format. Our courses can be delivered over mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops/desktops without the need for special software and/or high speed internet connections. We can make our curriculum available to our students at a fraction of the cost of classroom training, globally.

This learning format has allowed us to transform the teacher’s role into that of mentor, coach and facilitator. In this way your facilitator/coach becomes a major resource to assist you in your learning process while assuring that your learning will be retained after you complete your program and will be applicable in the real world.

Why LeanAgileScrum Institute comprehensive training and professional diploma programs?

  • Our courses are compliant to guidelines set by the Ontario Ministry of Training
  • Our courses are designed to deliver end to end practical learning not leaving any gaps.
  • Affordable pricing caters to local and global learners.
  • Delivering Professional and Professional Diploma certification programs for more than 15 years.
  • Multi-channel support during the learning period.
  • Optional paid coaching support during and after course completion.
  • Learn anywhere, anytime, on any device at your convience.
  • Money back guarantee*.
  • Globally recognized Canadian professional diploma certification.
  • Weekly Instructor led eWorkshop on Lean Agile Scrum and delivery skills topics to complement online learning.
  • Courses are designed to address your individual and organizational problems.


Agile Trainers/Practitioners and Advisors

Gary Fenwick

Gary is a successful global BA with our 27 years experience earned operating in 32 different countries. He has performed at the highest level within major international groups implementing business strategy, developing brands and opening new sales channels. Market segmentation has also been an area of specialization that has generated significant results for the business areas he has been responsible for. He has a vast knowledge of what makes a business tick and a natural skill to find solutions to get things moving forward. He has the natural ability to influence, motivate and implement change. He is an excellent coach and mentor who enjoys sharing knowledge and ideas to grow both people and companies.

Sylvester Kuteyi

Sylvester is a successful global Global Senior Project Manager/Trainer with over 15-year experience in Europe and North America. He is a successful Agile Coach/Trainer and implemented Agile projects, developed and delivered organization training materials and workshops, building knowledge and skills to facilitate the Agile transformation. He established and supported communities of practices to promote organizational understanding of Agile roles, help professionals develop into such roles and developed a process to promote continuous improvement in practices.
J Ben Benjamin

J Ben Benjamin

Ben has more than 20 years of IT and business domain experience. He is formally trained and certified in CSM, SAFe, BPM, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, QA, RUP, CRM, BA and PM. He has played various roles in his career; from technical, management and handling enterprise-level multi-million-dollar projects working with both Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid methodologies.
Bens’ ability to effectively influence teams by forming and fostering highly functional relationships and his proven competence to garner buy-in at all levels, from front-line to executive stakeholders with remarkable interpersonal and communication skills make him the true leader.
Bens has the ability to simplify complex ideas/concepts clearly to large and small groups to find a common ground to solve problems.

Ben has effectively driven cross-functional change, continuous improvement initiatives, and employed diligent communication. He includes all affected parties in the decision-making process to assert a realistic, yet creative approach to managing people and processing problems. He negotiates with fairness and consideration to earn the trust and respect of sponsors, peers, and staff. He facilitates Customer Journey Map design sessions focusing on the customer-impact of process changes maintaining and improving customer satisfaction.

Ben has done consulting and training work with enterprises such as HCL Technology (many enterprise clients), Central Bank of Tanzania, US Defence Dept (Pentagon), CIBC Bank, World Vision Canada, RBC Bank, Sunlife Financial, Manulife, Hyundai Canada, Deloitte Canada, Canadian Tire Financial, WSIB, and many more…Ben also certified in Agile, BPM, CRM, Lean, Scrum, SAFe, CM, APM, DISC, 12 Driving Force (Motivators) and Emotional Intelligence.